Female Sexual Problems


I want to talk a little bit about the female side of sex. We talk a lot about males and their erectile dysfunctions and all the problems that men can have. But we have to consider females too. A lot of times in psychological ways and in physical ways females are trying to please somebody, females can fake their orgasms. We don’t always know that they have had the fulfillment of the sexual act. There are some things that can be done to help. So I hope women reading this can get some ideas and maybe start thinking about ways that they can improve their sexual life. And I hope some men are reading this too because they can maybe learn how they could be more giving to the women that they are with. So I want to talk again about women primarily, and I want to consider some things in making the female sexual experience better.

There are a lot of issues that can get in the way of women enjoyment of the sexual experience. The first of all, they may just not have much in the way what we call libido, they just lack the desire. And they may go ahead and perform sex but not really be enjoying it that much.

It is too bad in our society that we don’t allow them to enjoy sex more. We tend to label those women either nymphomaniac, or even more derogatory is a slut. But the truth is that women should enjoy sex every bit as much as a man, and it is nothing wrong with that. So this inhibition that happens because way of thinking getting away a lot of times, so we have to find ways to mentally and physically help women to keep sexual desire because it should be enjoyable for both me and women.


A lot of women find it hard to become aroused, and they may again go through the sexual act but without any arousal that is hard for them to participate.  We have to consider that form what we are going to do to get the women into the whole procedure. A lot of times I think that women are really trying to give, and perhaps all sexual act is over before they even get a chance to be involved. So we have to consider that fact as well.